Compliance and risk management

In addition to the requirements under national and international law, the companies of the ALDI SOUTH Group have committed themselves to upholding a catalogue of internally defined ethical values and standards. In summer 2015, the ALDI Code of Conduct was newly approved to set out internal basic mandatory rules of behaviour for the Group in line with these values and standards. Individual codes of conduct in the ALDI SOUTH Group’s national organisations, which provide guidance for our employees worldwide, are based on our international Code of Conduct.

Comprehensive training on legal issues

To ensure our employees are in a position to comply with legal requirements and internal regulations in their day-to-day work, they receive regular training to keep them up to date on all relevant legal topics. The frequency and scope of this training is determined by the requirements of the tasks concerned. Training for employees in buying, for example, covers competition law, and employees with HR responsibilities are trained in data privacy regulations. We also organise targeted individual training sessions to instruct staff in the correct handling of customer data.

Alert lines and ombudsmen for reporting complaints

We have established independent points of contact in all ALDI SOUTH national organisations. Our employees, and in most countries also service providers and suppliers, can contact these alert lines and ombudsmen to report possible compliance violations, discrimination, or other misconduct. In order to ensure that grievances are actually reported and that the informant is protected, on request all notices can be treated as confidential and the anonymised information forwarded to the units responsible at ALDI SOUTH.

Alert lines have been established for the national organisations in the USA, Australia, the UK, and Ireland to suit the local conditions. In Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Hungary independent counsels of trust and ombudsmen are available. The independent counsel of trust serves as a neutral point of contact. The process allows both the informant as well as the person against whom a complaint has been made the opportunity to state their view.

Internal structures back zero-tolerance policy

The ALDI SOUTH Group internal monitoring system is supported by the International Internal Auditing department. This department performs regular audits across the group according to specific standards. We investigate all irregularities and adhere to a zerotolerance policy with respect to violations of the Code of Conduct. If suppliers or service providers are found to have committed serious violations, we may terminate our business relationship. Serious misconduct on the part of staff may result in termination of employment and claims for damages.

We monitor working conditions and social standards at the production facilities throughout our supply chain as part of our social compliance activities and the Social Monitoring Programme. Moreover, we supplement external audits with internal reviews and work together with our partners to continually improve social and environmental standards in production. (Safeguarding social and environmental standards)

Data privacy

From time to time, ALDI SOUTH collects customer data in the national organisations, mostly in order to tailor offers even better to customer needs, but also in order to deal with customer complaints. We always strive to collect only the data needed for proper handling of the respective case and treat all data with sensitivity and in accordance with applicable laws in the country in question. When introducing systems and processes, or even for individual measures, these are first discussed with the respective data privacy officer wherever needed. In Germany, the independent counsel of trust can be contacted if there are any questions regarding the collection and processing of data.

Company-wide risk management

In order to secure the company’s success and continued existence, we have established an effective risk management system at both national and international level. We analyse existing risks, monitor future developments, and play out scenarios to their conclusion. In this way we can regularly identify uncertainties and then monitor and evaluate them. It is our aim to rule out risks wherever possible, or at least to mitigate them as effectively as possible.

ALDI SOUTH’s risk management system undergoes continual improvement. To this end, an international Compliance and Risk Management department was established in 2014. At the same time, a risk management system based on the COSO Enterprise Risk Management framework, a globally recognised model for risk management, was also introduced.