Efficiency: optimise energy consumption

In order to reduce our energy consumption, we are introducing technical systems in all stores that will allow us to more precisely measure actual energy consumption. By the end of 2016, all stores are to be incorporated in this energy optimisation process. The energy management systems in the UK, Austria, Hungary, and Germany have already been certified according to ISO 50001. In addition, our distribution centres in these countries also have a certified energy management system.

Use of modern cooling facilities

Cooling and freezing units are responsible for at least a quarter, sometimes even more than half, of a store’s total energy consumption. In order to reduce consumption, the ALDI SOUTH Group has turned to more energy-efficient technology. All national organisations are constantly refining the cooling technology they use. From 2011, all new individual freezer and cooler units used across the group are electronically controlled. Their energy-saving and long-life ventilation motors translate to a 30% increase in energy efficiency. Energy-saving blinds are used on open-fronted refrigeration cabinets when the stores are closed – the newest models can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% over standard blinds.

Intelligent lighting

of stores are equipped with LED lighting in chiller cabinets

We have saved up to 50%, depending on the country, on energy for lighting in our stores through optimised light management, increasing the use of daylight, or by using efficient LED technology. LED lighting not only requires less energy, it also produces less heat. This is one reason why LED lighting has been used for all new refrigeration units worldwide since 2013. In some countries, such as the UK and the USA, new retail spaces are already being fully fitted with LEDs. From 2017, all new stores worldwide will use exclusively LED interior lighting. Conversion to LED technology has also begun in our distribution centres.

Heat recovery to reduce energy consumption for heating

of stores are equipped with heat recovery systems from refrigeration units

By recovering heat from the exhaust air of ventilation equipment and heat emitted by cooling systems, a store’s heating energy requirements can be reduced by around 20 to 30%. In over 1,730 of the ALDI SOUTH Group stores, heat recovery systems are already being used to direct heat from exhaust air back into the ventilation system.

Heat recovery from cooling units is already being used worldwide by more than 2,200 stores. Since 2013, all new stores have been employing this technology, with the exception of Australia where this approach is not viable due to the climate.