E-mobility – better for the environment

Electric cars and bicycles can make an important contribution to the energy transition – particularly if they use solar energy. ALDI SOUTH wants to help electric mobility advance faster and has committed to expanding the network of charging stations in Germany.

Since 2015 ALDI SOUTH has been offering customers a special service at around 50 locations all over Germany: quick charging stations where all types of electric vehicles can be charged for free. Plus, each of these branches also has a charging station for electric bicycles.

“We want to make a local contribution to the energy transition and the promotion of electric mobility,” explains Florian Kempf, Director responsible for energy management at ALDI SOUTH. People can now simply charge their electric cars and bicycles for up to one hour on the car parks of certain ALDI SOUTH stores between Düsseldorf and Munich for free during opening hours.

Thanks to the quick charging stations, electric vehicles only need 30 minutes for enough charge to drive another 80 km. Practical and easy to use, the stations are an attractive charging option for anyone on the go, and they fit all standard e-car, e-bike, and pedelec plugs. Even the electricity used is generated in an environmentally friendly manner when the sun is shining – by the photovoltaic units on the roofs of the ALDI SOUTH stores.

Customers are excited about the new offering: “The ALDI charging stations are a real blessing for us,” comments Monika Schumacher, ALDI SOUTH customer from Düsseldorf. She has been driving an electric car since 2013. “Before the ALDI stations were installed, I was always worried about being able to charge in time. I am much more mobile now,” she explains. With these quick charging stations, ALDI SOUTH is a pioneer among German food sector companies. The retail group wants to support the ongoing advancement of electric mobility in Germany. And it’s not just the customers and the company that benefit – the environment and the climate benefit too.

» Charging your car couldn’t be simpler thanks to ALDI. It’s really an important contribution toward making e-mobility feasible in day-to-day life. «
Monika Schumacher, customer ALDI SOUTH