Do we like it? Quality for our customers

How does the ALDI SOUTH Group achieve and maintain the highest levels of product quality? Where food is concerned, safety is the top requirement – but it is just as important that our products taste good and meet customers’ expectations. First and foremost, we rely on the experience and skill of our own employees. They sample the food and evaluate not only its taste but also aspects like appearance and texture.

ALDI US alone performs around 2,500 internal samplings every year, covering approximately 30,000 food products. Jennifer Cotton, Director of Quality Assurance, explains why her colleagues’ work is so important.

What role do product samplings by own staff play in addition to, for instance, the tests carried out by specialist institutes?

Our internal sampling is proof that we take great pride in the products we offer our customers. We also gain an even better understanding of how our products compare with those of the competition, and our employees are proud to be able to make a personal contribution to the high quality of our products.

Who takes part in the sampling, and how are employees prepared for this task?

Our sampling teams include Group Buying Directors, Buying Directors and their teams. Other staff and people external to the company are welcome to provide feedback at any time, too. In order to prepare the samplers, they attend sensory training and, where relevant, attend specialised courses for particular product groups, such as wine, beer, coffee, and cheese.

Which products does ALDI sample, and what happens if these products are not up to expectations?

Every food product that we buy is sampled thoroughly. If it becomes a part of our core range, then it is sampled at a minimum of two times every year, and in the first year a product launches it is sampled at least five times. If a product does not meet expectations, we contact the supplier and request specific improvements. If this is impossible – which is rarely the case – we terminate the cooperation and find an alternative solution.