Safety and quality for our customers

We offer quality at the best price – this is a key tenet of our business policy and a promise to our customers. The most important quality factors are: safety of the product, impact on health, and the benefit for the customer. In addition, the impact of our products and their manufacture on the environment and society is increasingly important to our understanding of quality.

Certified food safety at ALDI SOUTH

Dimensions of quality for food and non-food products

The production facilities of ALDI SOUTH’s suppliers are reviewed by independent third parties in accordance with recognised food safety standards. It is our aim that all production facilities for our food products have certification that is recognised and confirmed by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). 

Insofar as this is not possible in exceptional cases, the safety of the production facilities will be appropriately confirmed using other methods, such as through ALDI SOUTH-specific audits or audits based on national standards.

When products are delivered to our stores, they are subjected to incoming goods controls carried out according to stringent standards, for example regarding the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables or the delivery temperature and shelf life of fresh refrigerated products. Our own checks are supplemented by due diligence analyses in specialist labs where needed. The taste of our products is assessed regularly by experienced staff, external institutes, or consumer panels. (Sampling: Insight ALDI US)

Multi-tier quality assurance process for non-food products

We consider product safety to be the most import ant factor for all of the items we sell, both food and nonfood products. For this reason, the ALDI SOUTH Group has established a comprehensive quality assurance process. This allows us to manage quality right from the tender stage. It includes quality controls in the production process as well as before and during delivery. The system of analyses and inspections involves internal quality assurance departments as well as external institutes and testing labs.

Quality assurance teams accompany both internal quality processes and the suppliers’ processes in all national organisations and the International Buying department.

High quality standards at suppliers

One aim of our quality management is to ensure that all non-food products meet our high standards. Quality parameters are defined and communicated to potential suppliers as early as the tendering phase. Before delivery, suppliers must provide proof that the product meets both the regulatory requirements as well as the contractual quality parameters. Evidence must be provided that the required analyses have been performed by an accredited testing institute authorised by the ALDI SOUTH Group.

Fit-for-use tests at testing labs

Components of our quality management

In addition to the supplier tests, we also perform in-house fit-for-use tests. Furthermore, experts from the ALDI SOUTH Group quality assurance departments may decide to take samples from production. These samples are then examined by independent testing labs according to certain technical and chemical parameters. Inspectors also visit production facilities around the world and perform random inspections on our behalf, inter alia for textiles, shoes, and furniture.

On delivery, we inspect all goods for transport damage and check whether they meet the agreed product specifications. The goods are only made available for sale to the customers once they have passed all tests.

Striving to reduce hazardous substances

The ALDI SOUTH Group strives to achieve a continuous reduction in the use of hazardous substances in the production of non-food products. To this end, all national organisations have committed themselves to promoting the use of more environmentally friendly manufacturing methods in the production of textiles, home textiles, and shoes. (Safeguarding social and environmental standards) Moreover, the ALDI SOUTH Group has high safety standards for non-food products. The implementation of these standards is often evidenced by the voluntary inspection labels attached to our products. Examples include the “VPA Güte geprüft” label, the “GS” symbol, and “UL” certification for the US market.

Rapid and prudent recalls

We do not compromise when it comes to our customers’ safety. Should, despite our control measures, shortcomings in quality come to light after sale of a product has commenced, we immediately remove the product from sale and, where needed, initiate a recall, for example if health concerns arise. This is first and foremost a preventative safety measure and an indicator that our quality management system works. If other national organisations are also affected, our quality management system enables us to respond rapidly across national borders.