Health and well-being

Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of health and well-being. The ALDI SOUTH Group is constantly reviewing its range to reflect this demand. We want to enable our customers to eat more healthily and to actively support them in their purchasing decisions. We also offer food products for different nutritional needs and lifestyles.

Product alternatives for special nutritional needs and customer preferences

In most countries, we offer gluten-free, lactosefree, vegetarian, or vegan products. We are also working on product lines to meet specific demands and nutritional needs in the individual countries. These include “Fit & Active”, “liveGfree”, and “Simply Nature” in the USA and “Enjoy free!” in the Hofer S/E countries. In Australia, certain products carry Heart Foundation labels marking them as the more healthy choice. This enables our customers to quickly and easily find what they are looking for.

We are continually reviewing existing products and formulas. The amount of salt, sugar, or fat in certain foods, in particular convenience products, is of increasing importance. For example, trans-fatty acids are suspected to increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. We have limited the proportion of trans-fatty acids of industrial origin in our food to under 2% of the total fat, or even removed them entirely, across our national markets.

Removing additives

In the countries in which the ALDI SOUTH Group is active, public opinion regarding the use of certain ingredients varies considerably. One focus area is the topic of additives. When we make adjustments to recipes we thus try to avoid artificial flavour enhancers as well as artificial flavours and colours. For example, ALDI SOUTH in Germany and Hofer S/E have summarised their criteria regarding the use of additives, which exceed the statutory standards, in their respective Clean Label policies.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

The ALDI SOUTH national organisations have developed initiatives to assist their customers in their healthy food and lifestyle choices. In the USA, those interested can find tips and recipe ideas on the ALDI website for a balanced diet under the slogan “Healthy Living”. ALDI UK is supporting a similar campaign called “Change4Life”. Furthermore, in 2015 ALDI UK removed confectionary, chocolates, and sweets from its checkout lanes, and since then products sold in checkout lanes have to meet strict criteria, e.g. regarding salt, sugar, and fat. Hofer in Austria is working with the Academic Institute for Nutritional Medicine in Vienna to support a pilot project aimed at promoting a healthier diet for school children.

Discussions on genetic engineering

Opinions on genetically modified foods vary in the countries in which the ALDI SOUTH Group is represented. Societal opinions range anywhere from broad tolerance to absolute rejection.

The positions held by the ALDI SOUTH national organisations are based on local consumer expectations and the current market situation. In Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Hungary we do not offer any products that require corresponding labelling due to their containing a verifiable proportion of genetically modified organisms. In the USA, the products in the “SimplyNature” line also do not contain genetically modified organisms.