Facilitating responsible shopping

An increasing number of consumers are turning to products that use particularly environmentally friendly production methods and are interested in products’ origins. The ALDI SOUTH Group sees this trend towards increased sustainability as an opportunity to support consumers in their endeavour to make more sustainable purchasing decisions.

Alternative products for more sustainable shopping

Our range features an increasing number of alternative products that allow consumers to make more responsible purchasing decisions. For the future, we strive to consider a product’s entire life cycle – from the raw materials used to socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing and finally the responsible utilisation and recycling opportunities available to our customers.

All our national organisations include more environmentally friendly product alternatives in their ranges. ALDI Australia, for instance, avoids laundry detergents containing phosphates. In Austria, Hungary, and Slovenia, Hofer encourages consumers to save energy and offers products suitable for this purpose. Demand for energy-efficient technologies, such as energy-saving bulbs, is also increasing significantly in the ALDI SOUTH stores in Germany.

ALDI SOUTH customers can also recognise responsibly produced goods by way of labels representing established sustainability standards. Among others, we offer products carrying the Fairtrade, UTZ, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), or Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) labels, which represent independent social and environmental standards. (Using resources responsibly) With our customer reach we help introduce products with these labels to a larger audience and make them available to consumers.

Sustainability throughout the product life cycle

Promoting regional food products

Regionally produced food products support local and regional economies. Shorter transportation distances can often help reduce CO2 emissions. ALDI SOUTH’s national organisations have been including regional products in their ranges for many years.

The ALDI SOUTH stores in Germany offer several types of vegetables, fish, and dairy products as well as eggs featuring the „Regionalfenster“ (regional window). This indicator shows where the product’s main ingredient originated from and where it was packed. With this label we aim to cater to our customers’ increasing demand for regional products. At ALDI SOUTH the maximum size of the region which can be indicated is the German federal state level.

In Australia, the availability of “Australian made” products is a key factor in our customers’ purchasing decisions. The majority of fresh products are sourced from Australia, for example eggs and bread as well as fresh meat and dairy products. Moreover, 91% of fresh fruit and vegetables are Australian grown. In the UK, the “Red Tractor” certification scheme for meat produced in the UK as well as “Best of Scotland” and “Bord Bia” for products from Scotland and Ireland respectively have also been very well received. The “Red Tractor” standard guarantees that a product originates entirely from the United Kingdom and has been certified by independent auditors as complying with the national standards for animal welfare. Our “Zurück zum Ursprung” (Back to the roots) brand at Hofer in Austria exclusively features home-grown organic products, as does the brand “NATURE SUISSE BIO” in Switzerland.

Organic products increasingly popular

In all ALDI SOUTH countries, we offer organic products such as eggs, milk, bananas, or baked goods, for instance. All of our products labelled as “organic” meet the European or respective national certification standards for organic farming or even considerably exceed these, such as the “Zurück zum Ursprung” (Back to the roots) line of organic products in Austria. Across the national markets, our organic products comprised between 0.5% and 12.4% of food sales in 2015. Overall, the share of sales accounted for by organic products totalled 3.2%.