Product and food donations

The ALDI SOUTH Group companies work to donate goods and food whenever possible. For instance, ALDI UK supported the organisation Doctors of the World in 2015 by donating GBP 22,000 (29,500 euros) worth of children’s winter clothes and sleeping bags for refugees in Greece.

Product samples passed on rather than thrown away

The ALDI SOUTH Group companies’ buying departments receive a large amount of product samples from suppliers. These fully usable samples – from textiles to gardening and electric goods – are regularly donated to good causes after they are reviewed as part of the buying process. For example, in the UK we have been able to support the charity Wish upon a Star by contributing product samples as raffle prizes. The proceeds raised were used to fund a trip to Lapland for 80 sick children and their families. In Germany we support a foundation for people with disabilities and in Austria the organisation pro mente, which supports individuals with psychological impairments. In Switzerland, the Caritas stores receive product samples from us to be sold cheaply to low-income households.

Minimise food waste

The ALDI SOUTH Group national organisations aim to give food that we have been unable to sell but which is still consumable primarily to charities. To organise this, we work together with both national charities and local food banks. Currently, 81% of our stores have established partnerships for this purpose.