Helping through sales campaigns

Many of the ALDI SOUTH Group’s national organisations regularly organise sales campaigns for the benefit of non-profit organisations. This includes selling Christmas cards, special chocolate articles, and CDs. The proceeds from these campaigns are donated entirely or partially to the selected charitable organisations. The campaigns also give the organisations an opportunity to introduce themselves to a wide audience in our stores or through our advertisements.

National sales campaigns enable donations

In 2015 alone, we were able to raise monies of GBP 79,000 (107,700 euros) in the UK and 56,000 euros in Ireland by selling greeting cards, which were then used to support social organisations. In addition, ALDI UK has begun to donate the proceeds from the sale of carrier bags. In the future, we will donate all net proceeds from selling our single-use carrier bags in the UK to charities, including the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

How charity sales campaigns work

Hofer in Austria was able to raise 25,000 euros with the sale of chocolate for SOS Kinderdorf in 2015 alone. In Switzerland, several sales campaigns succeeded in raising CHF 114,000 (107,100 euros) for the children’s aid organisation of Caritas. In Slovenia, in 2015 our national organisation supported FairFood Truck, which offers meals made with food from Hofer stores in various cities and communities. The people purchasing the meals set their own price. The monies raised from this and other sales activities – in total more than 150,000 euros – were donated to the organisation BOTRSTVO (meaning “godparents”). The organisation provides support for disadvantaged youth. In Australia, we raised AUD 246,000 (166,900 euros) for charity with three campaigns. The charities included the organisation OneVoice, which in particular assists homeless youth.