Insight ALDI Australia: Barnardos

Working together with Barnardos to aid children and youths

When it comes to its commitment to the community, the ALDI SOUTH Group focusses on three criteria in particular: projects should have a regional focus, make the greatest possible impact, and provide opportunities for long-term cooperation. The close partnership between the Australian charity Barnardos and ALDI Australia shows what this looks like in practice.

Barnardos Australia supports children who have experienced violence, abuse, and poverty, or who suffer from psychological problems. The children and their families not only receive financial aid in emergency situations, but can also count on donations in kind such as clothing and household goods. ALDI Australia has been one of Barnardos’s most important supporters since 2003. Daniel Baker, Head of Quality Assurance and Corporate Responsibility, highlights the special aspects of this partnership:

Why does ALDI Australia support social organisations like Barnardos?

We want to recognise and act on our social obligations and tackle issues in the community together with our partners. For the last 130 years, Barnardos has proven that it can provide effective aid for social causes. Helping children who have suffered psychologically is very important. And Barnardos does a great job.

How do you support Barnardos specifically

We have already donated more than AUD 1 million (679,600 euros) in cash plus donations in kind worth approximately AUD 1.7 million (1,155,400 euros). We also donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of products, such as Christmas cards, which also raises awareness for Barnardos among our customers. In 2015 nearly 8,600 children and youths received direct help thanks to our donations.

What are some recent highlights of this cooperation?

Our donation of school materials and books to the Yurungai Indigenous Learning Centre in Waterloo brought smiles to lots of little faces. The centre supports disadvantaged children and gives them the opportunity to see how much fun learning can be. We also consider funding projects that will give children a safe home where they can feel secure a top priority.