ALDI SOUTH – simply successful

Focussing on the essential and perfecting the discount supermarket principle have made ALDI SOUTH a leading international retail company. We meet challenges with simple and sound solutions. These principles are developed further and implemented independently by all of the ALDI SOUTH Group’s national organisations.

Our product range

We offer a carefully selected range of products that focusses on food products and other daily necessities. Depending on the national organisation, we offer between 1,200 and 1,500 core products as well as a selection of 30 to 90 special buy products per week. Additionally, in some countries we offer services such as travel packages, telephony and photo services, or floral delivery.

Our own brands form the heart of our range. They allow us to offer an optimally selected product range and guarantee quality at the best price. We continually refine our brands together with our suppliers. Our range is complemented by well-known brand-name products.

A corporate structure shaped by simplicity and efficiency

It is not just our stores that are designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind: our corporate culture also follows this principle. The majority of our processes and structures – from buying and IT to logistics and store workflows – are organised in a similar way in all our national organisations and have been optimised for maximum efficiency. Our organisational structures are always set up in a similar manner, both at regional level and within the national organisations.

Number of stores by country as of 31 December


Decentralised and international orientation is the key to success

Our group’s decentralised organisational structure has been a decisive factor in shaping the positive development ALDI SOUTH has experienced. Our proximity to our customers and our knowledge of national and regional markets allow us to tailor our range to the needs of our customers. This also applies to the area of corporate responsibility: the expectations and needs of our customers and other stakeholders differ considerably from country to country.

A number of topics can be addressed more efficiently and more effectively if the national organisations combine their efforts. In these cases, the exchange of experience and best practices across national borders ensures a coordinated approach to achieve common goals. Internationally agreed strategies form the framework and basis for realising joint goals in the national organisations.

Legal structure

From a legal standpoint, ALDI SOUTH is organised as a group of companies, based on two pillars. In Germany, our business operates through a group of 31 independent regional companies.

Our international activities are legally separate from these operations and are consolidated and coordinated under Hofer KG in Austria. Business operations outside of Austria are carried out by subsidiaries of Hofer KG in Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the USA, and Australia. Both Hofer KG in Austria as well as its international subsidiaries have set up a number of branch offices as a regional structure within their respective countries. Collectively, the national organisations in Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Hungary are referred to as Hofer S/E. Hofer KG is planning to enter the market in Italy within the next few years. The Asian Office in Hong Kong provides support for the ALDI SOUTH companies in the area of buying and in the realisation of CR goals in Asia.



Corporate services consolidated centrally

ALDI Einkauf GmbH & Co. oHG in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, or ALDI Einkauf, provides services for the German regional companies in the units Corporate Buying, Administration, and Logistics and Services. In addition, the International Services department provides buying, controlling, and IT services for all the companies of the ALDI SOUTH Group. With regard to the topic of corporate responsibility, the individual national organisations receive support from the Corporate Responsibility International (CRI) department.

A long tradition

Share of sales by country/country group

The family-owned company founded in 1913 was split in 1961 into what has since developed into two groups of companies, ALDI SOUTH and ALDI North. The two groups have remained linked by family ties, but both are legally and economically independent entities and operate outside of Germany in different countries. (

The ALDI SOUTH Group today has more than 5,300 stores and 81 distribution centres around the world. With 104,400 employees, the ALDI SOUTH Group generated net sales of 45.5 billion euros in 2015.

Ownership structure

The main capital interests of the companies of the ALDI SOUTH Group are held by the two foundations Siepmann-Stiftung and Carolus-Stiftung, headquartered in Germany. The foundations’ Management Boards primarily represent the founding family. An Advisory Board consisting of foundation representatives and external experts advises the shareholders on economic and strategic issues. The owners and the Advisory Board are not involved in day-to-day operations. They ensure that the values and traditions of the family business ALDI SOUTH are upheld and form a strong basis for continued successful development in the future.