Supply chain

Sustainable buying practices are essential for the long-term success of our business. We assume responsibility across our global supply chains and for the resources used in the production of our goods.

Our aspiration is that all our products be made in a sustainable way. We consider environmental and social criteria, including animal welfare, throughout our product supply chains – from raw materials to final production. Raw materials include agriculture and forestry, livestock and fish, and other natural resources used for our products and packaging. For our suppliers, we are a fair and reliable business partner. Together, and in cooperation with other stakeholders, we are committed to improving the living and working conditions throughout the supply chain. 

We articulate our expectations clearly to all our suppliers and business partners. Together with our suppliers, we work towards increased transparency and continuous improvement within the supply chain. We strive to increase the share of sustainable resources used in our products and to minimise the negative ecological and social impacts of production. We are committed to establishing and further developing social and environmental standards throughout the supply chain. Our “Social Standards in Production” constitute an integral part of our supplier contracts.