We promise our customers quality products at the best prices. We are guided by our customers’ needs and appreciate their feedback and ideas. It is our responsibility to design our select product range in a way that meets our customers’ everyday needs. 

For us, quality includes consumer safety, health and well-being, and the sustainability of our products and their production. 

The safety of our products is one of our core commitments to our customers. At ALDI, our safety and quality management policies and processes meet or exceed consumer legislation. We want to offer our customers options for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Our buyers and suppliers work to improve the composition and nutritional profiles of the products we offer whilst considering national taste profiles. We strive to take into consideration the product’s lifecycle with the aim of continually reducing resource intensity and ecological impact whilst improving compliance with social standards. 

We want to enable our customers to make informed choices by providing them with accurate and transparent information through clear product labelling and direct customer communications.