ALDI Factory Advancement Project

AFA Project 1ALDI is committed to promoting human rights in the garment industry. With the ALDI Factory Advancement (AFA) Project, the ALDI SOUTH Group, together with ALDI North, has introduced an effective tool to deliver change in factories that produce our garments in Bangladesh.

Launched in 2013, the AFA Project places factory workers and managers at the centre of its activities to find sustainable solutions for improved workplaces. Its core principle is the promotion of dialogue and cooperation between workers and managers. Only with the commitment and the ownership of both parties can real change be achieved in the long run.

In AFA Project activities, the participants meet to address issues in their workplaces. We support workers and their managers to identify challenges, examine them critically and then create joint visions for the future with tailor-made solutions to reach improvement.

“I realised that my opinion and my ideas are important in order to advance my factory. We learned how to use good communication and dialogue to resolve any problems or conflicts in the factory.”

Rabeya, worker of an AFA Project factory

The key to the project’s success has been the active involvement of the workers. To date, approximately 85,000 workers and their managers of 40 participating factories have benefitted from the project and experienced positive changes in their day-to-day working environment.

Project Phase 1.0

AFA Project 2The first phase of the AFA Project was successfully completed in the summer of 2019. During 450 AFA Project activities, workers, managers and AFA Project trainers discussed various topics such as the establishment of effective communication structures, health and safety in their workplaces, working hours, promotion systems, private financial planning, and quality management as well as productivity. Additionally, six impact assessments were conducted to measure the success of the AFA Project.

Project Phase 2.0

AFA Project 3In the second half of 2019, we launched the exciting next phase of the AFA Project – an innovative pilot with a selection of AFA Project factories and business partners. Together we will take the AFA Project to the next level: we have used six years’ worth of experience to develop a programme that will make factories independent of the support of AFA Project trainers.

We learned that skilled facilitators are key to creating sustainable solutions. It is the facilitators who provide the tools for dealing with complex challenges and who are driving positive change through workplace cooperation.

“With the AFA Project we do our bit to promote cooperation in factories. Giving workers a meaningful role in establishing solutions is integral to ensuring dignity in production. AFA Project 2.0 will further help us to continuously improve ourselves in creating sustainable solutions on the ground.”

Anke Ehlers (Managing Director Corporate Responsibility International of the ALDI SOUTH Group)

AFA Project Plus

AFA Project PLUSThe AFA Project PLUS addresses the critical need for quality childcare for the children of working parents in factories that produce our textile goods in Bangladesh. ALDI supports selected factories participating in the AFA Project in improving their internal day-care services.

Many workers are reliant on these services due to financial constraints and a lack of alternative care options. Together with local non-governmental organisations, we train caregivers, childcare centre supervisors, nurses and parents working at the factory.  

    A total of 16 production facilities have been included in the AFA Project PLUS.