ALDI Factory Advancement Project

Commitment to improving working conditions

ALDI is committed to improving working conditions in the garment industry. With the ALDI Factory Advancement (AFA) Project, the company has developed and implemented an effective tool in Bangladesh that strengthens the ability of management and workers to identify key challenges in their production facilities with regard to working conditions and to develop and implement joint solutions.

The key to success for this dialogue-oriented initiative has been the active involvement of the workers. To date, approximately 85,000 workers of nearly 40 production facilities have benefitted from the project and experienced significant changes in their day-to-day work.

The project was extended to include the AFA Project PLUS by means of which the ALDI SOUTH Group assists selected production facilities participating in the AFA Project in improving their internal daycare services. This helps women to take up occupation and, thus, improve their economic situation. Within the scope of the project, employees and nurses working at the production facility daycare centres receive relevant training. Additionally, the production facilities are assisted in improving the equipment of their daycare centres and establishing corresponding processes and structures. We cooperate with local NGOs and, since the commencement of the project, a total of 16 production facilities have been included in the AFA Project PLUS.