German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

In June 2015, ALDI Nord and ALDI SOUTH Germany became members of the German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles ('Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien'). We are involved in this partnership along with other commercial enterprises, associations, the federal government, as well as representatives from civil society. We are committed to promoting the improvement of social and environmental standards in textile production as well as the use of more sustainable textiles. Further information about the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles can be found on their homepage:

The Leather Working Group

In August 2015, we joined the Leather Working Group (LWG). Goals pursued by the Leather Working Group include increasing the transparency of the conditions at tanneries and intermediate traders and making these more sustainable. Measures for achieving this include, for example, the strict control of the usage of potentially critical substances by producers. A further measure is the reduction of water and energy consumption. Moreover, occupational health and safety is verified on a regular basis. Further information on the LWG can be found on the initiative's homepage: