ALDI Detox Commitment

Our commitment to environmental production standards

ALDI is committed to sustainability in the area of textiles and shoe production. In cooperation with Greenpeace, we have developed comprehensive criteria, which define rigorous environmental requirements for production. Our action plan includes the gradual elimination of certain chemicals used in the manufacturing processes for both textiles and shoes by 2020.

With this voluntary commitment, ALDI reaffirms its corporate responsibility for people and the environment. In recent years, we have been actively promoting the development of sustainable social and environmental standards in our production countries. In this regard, ALDI is constantly focused on finding sustainable solutions.

We are aware that the path to achieving lasting acceptance and understanding of the Detox requirements among all parties involved will be a long-term process. However, in order to establish progress, ALDI relies on the involvement and support of all parties throughout the supply chain.

For further information please find the Commitment here. Find out more about our commitment in the current Progress Report.

The ALDI Detox Commitment (Responsible and environmentally friendly production) encompasses the following areas: Chemical management, Supply chain management, Data management, Capacity building, Stakeholder dialogue, Systemic change