Photovoltaik panel
October 2018

ALDI UK and ALDI Ireland will be carbon-neutral by 2019

ALDI UK and ALDI Ireland have announced their intention to be carbon-neutral from 1st January 2019. This goal has been supported by the in-house generation of solar power by installing solar panels on the roofs of stores and distribution centres for several years now. All stores, distribution centres, and offices located across the UK and Ireland are already powered by 100% renewable electricity. The retailer has also invested heavily in the conversion to energy-efficient chillers and more environmentally friendly refrigerant gases.

By making these investments, ALDI UK and ALDI Ireland have already achieved the ALDI SOUTH Group's target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions generated per square metre of sales area by 30% by 2020 compared to 2012, with a current reduction of more than 50%.

Becoming carbon-neutral is a key part of the corporate responsibility commitments of the ALDI SOUTH Group. In pursuit of this goal, ALDI UK and ALDI Ireland aim to purchase carbon credits to offset the remaining emissions that are currently inevitable and thus support climate protection projects.


Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals:

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