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August 2018

ALDI SUISSE reports on activities in the area of sustainability for 2017

ALDI SUISSE has published information on the activities undertaken in the area of sustainability in 2017. The update provides a summary of all key information concerning the developments and challenges experienced.

ALDI SUISSE has published an update on the sustainability activities undertaken in 2017 in the following five areas: customers, supply chain, employees, community, and the environment. In many areas it was possible to achieve significant progress.

The activities undertaken by ALDI SUISSE in the area of sustainability concern above all the responsible use of resources and the establishment of improved production conditions. Major progress was achieved in the previous year concerning our fish and seafood products, 97% of which are now procured from responsible sources. Also with regard to cocoa products containing 10% or more cocoa, ALDI SUISSE was able to achieve the full transition to sustainably produced raw materials in 2017.

The group-wide CR goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by the year 2020 was already achieved and even surpassed by ALDI SUISSE in 2014. Through the implementation of sustainable technologies, every one of our business sites across Switzerland has been operating climate-neutrally since January 2017 using 'myclimate'. In the same year, ALDI SUISSE became the first Swiss retailer to implement a recycling system across the entire business for beverage cartons and plastic bottles which can be repurposed as secondary resources.

In order to give our customers the option of a healthy and well-balanced diet, ALDI SUISSE has been partnering with the Swiss initiative 'actionsanté' since 2017. Within the scope of this initiative, ALDI SUISSE has been taking more measures to offer healthier foods, for example, products containing reduced sugar.

ALDI SUISSE has also demonstrated its commitment to its employees over the past year. One new element which was introduced in 2017 is the revised training programme for apprentices, whereby the apprentices receive training in so-called 'training stores' which they then manage independently during the project weeks held in their third year of apprenticeship.

ALDI SUISSE supports and funds projects in various areas of the community with a total of CHF 418,189. This involves the retailer working closely together with selected social organisations in the areas of emergency aid, health, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture. The outcomes of these collaborations include, for example, sales campaigns for specially labelled products which aim to generate donations for that particular organisation, and a campaign for supporting the development of the Swiss registry of blood stem cell donors.

This detailed update on our sustainability activities is available via this link: https://www.heutefuermorgen.ch/de.html.


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