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ALDI SOUTH – simply successful

Our focus on the essentials and our optimisation of the discount principle has made ALDI SOUTH the leading international retailer it is today. We offer a consciously reduced, carefully selected range of food products and other daily necessities. Throughout our different countries of operation, we offer between 1,390 and 1,800 core range products and a changing selection of 80 to 120 special buys every week. In some countries, we also offer services, such as travel bookings, telephone and photo services, the sale of green electricity, internet streaming, or flower delivery and, in Germany, the delivery of special buys. In addition, our customers in Austria, the United Kingdom, and China can shop online at ALDI.

Our private label brands form the heart of our core product range. These allow us to offer an optimally selected range of products and guarantee quality at the best price. We continually refine our private label brands together with our suppliers while supplementing these with other popular brand-name products.

A company shaped by simplicity and efficiency

Our corporate structure is based on the principle of 'simplicity and efficiency'. The majority of our processes and structures – from buying and IT to logistics and store workflows – are applied consistently across the different countries and are optimised for maximum efficiency. Our organisational structures are always set up in an equal manner at both regional and national level.

Decentralised operations and international alignment are the key to success

Our decentralised business model has been a decisive factor in shaping the positive development 
ALDI SOUTH has continually experienced. The proximity to our customers and our knowledge of national and regional markets allow us to tailor our range to the needs of our customers. 

This also applies to the area of corporate responsibility. The expectations and needs of our customers and other stakeholders often differ considerably from country to country. For this reason, we address a variety of topics independently within our individual countries of operation, while other topics are managed based on a common strategic framework and internationally aligned objectives.

The chart shows the beforehand described legal structure of the ALDI SOUTH Group.

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