Protecting the climate and the environment

» Our business activities have a significant impact on climate and the environment. This is a result not only of the products we sell but of our entire operations, from the construction and operational running of buildings to the transport of goods. We aim to minimise the ecological footprint of our entire business. We strive to become a climate-neutral company and are therefore committed to the continuous reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions. «
(CR Principles)

The ALDI SOUTH Group aims to minimise the negative impacts of its corporate activities on the climate and the environment. We want to contribute to climate protection by lowering our greenhouse gas emissions. Our international climate strategy focusses on a systematic reduction of our energy consumption, employing more environmentally friendly refrigerants, the use of renewable energy, and modern logistics.

Efficient use of resources and green construction

Moreover, we want to conserve natural resources by minimising waste as much as possible. Our guiding principle is “avoid, reuse, recycle”. This principle is also the foundation of the strategy adopted by the ALDI SOUTH Group in 2015 governing efficient waste management. We will be using this strategy to determine suitable measures that can be implemented in the individual countries. (Avoiding waste and recycling reusables) In addition, we will be making our buildings fit for the future by taking ecological standards into account. (Investing in green buildings)