A range of quality, sustainable products

» We promise our customers quality products at the best prices. We are guided by our customers’ needs and appreciate their feedback and ideas. It is our responsibility to design our select product range in a way that meets our customers’ everyday needs. For us, quality includes consumer safety, health and well-being, and the sustainability of our products and their production. […] We want to enable our customers to make informed choices by providing them with accurate and transparent information through clear product labelling and direct customer communications. « 
(CR Principles)

As a retailer, the ALDI SOUTH Group has an important role to play connecting suppliers and consumers. In this role we take our responsibility toward our customers and their needs very seriously, since it is our buying departments who decide which products to purchase and put on our stores’ shelves. This is also the foundation of our success – offering a select range of high-quality products at the best price.

Decentralised approach and international strategy

In addition to price and quality, our customers are also increasingly interested in making purchasing decisions based on well-being and sustainability. Our decentralised structure enables us to serve the highly varied expectations and needs of our customers in the different national markets. An international strategy for the area of health and well-being was adopted in May 2015. International goals are implemented by the national organisations as part of national initiatives and programmes.

Focussing on transparency and on the development of the product range

We want to enable our customers to make informed purchasing decisions. We provide our customers with clear information, such as on food’s ingredients or the origins of certain raw materials. We continually review the quality of our products and adapt recipes. The changes we make to our products also reflect national needs and/or updated regulatory requirements.

We actively monitor societal developments and market trends so that we can react quickly and in our customers’ best interests. ALDI UK, for example, signed the UK Department of Health’s Responsibility Deal in 2011 and subsequently reformulated a significant number of products to reduce levels of salt and sugar. As part of its sustainability initiative “Project 2020”, Hofer in Austria added environmentally friendly cleaning products to its range.