Commitment that makes a difference

» ALDI is part of the community. To us, responsibility means making a positive contribution to the community by applying our skills and resources beyond our core business operations. The objective of our community activities is to deliver a sustainable societal impact. This will be achieved by engaging in long-term partnerships with charitable organisations and focussing on key issues and target groups. This strategic investment in the public good is supplemented by funding local and regional initiatives within our local communities. «
(CR Principles)

When we talk about responsible business, we first and foremost focus on our business operations within the areas of customers, supply chain, employees, and the environment. However, with our community activities, we want to make a positive contribution to society that goes beyond our core business. Key factors for choosing non-profit organisations for partnerships are the content and impact of the projects as well as the needs and interests of the target groups. It is particularly important to us that the partnerships we pursue are based on long-term trust and shared goals.


Focus on impact

All national organisations of the ALDI SOUTH Group are contributing towards sustainable positive societal changes. Our aim is to establish long-term partnerships with non-profit organisations. We assess the successes that the organisations achieve together with their respective target groups as well as the impact they have on their communities and society at large. The focus on impact has already been adopted as a guiding principle of our community work. However, when it comes to developing systems to measure performance and evaluate effectiveness, we are still in the starting blocks.


Local responsibility based on a common strategy

As with other topics, the responsibility for community activities lies with the national organisations. The countries determine budgets and plan measures that meet the demands of their respective communities. The national organisations have laid out the essential principles for their community activities in a common international strategy. On this basis, each country then developed and adopted new national strategies for community activities in 2015. The strategies combine regional activities with centrally coordinated national partnerships.

Tools for community activities

Financial support is important for non-profit organisations, but we strive to go even further: with over 5,300 stores and more than 100,000 employees, the ALDI SOUTH Group national organisations have considerable reach. We communicate with our customers via advertising leaflets, customer magazines, television, websites, and through social networks. In the future, we want to use these contact points even more to feature the non-profit organisations with whom we work. In addition, we inform our employees about important social issues via our internal communications.

With respect to the practical implementation, we have a variety of tools at our disposal. In addition to monetary donations, the majority of national organisations also organise charity sales campaigns. The proceeds raised through these campaigns are then donated to social projects. We also provide donations in kind from our product range, which are contributed in emergency situations and to charity campaigns. Items that remain unsold from the specialbuy campaigns, product samples, and groceries that are still consumable but no longer sellable are donated to welfare organisations where possible.